Land og synir: An Interview with Ágúst Guðmundsson


  • Ágúst Guðmundsson



ABSTRACT: Land og Synir, based on a novel of the same name by Indriði G. Þorsteinsson, was the first feature-length film supported by the Icelandic Film Fund after its founding in 1978. Premiered in 1980 to great enthusiasm at home and warm, intelligent approval abroad, the film remains the benchmark for the Icelandic film industry that it inaugurated. The interview that follows a brief introduction intends to give Ágúst Guðmundsson, the author of the film, an opportunity to reflect on its achievement thirty years on, in the light of his subsequent successful career and the emergence of filmmaking as a major art form and industry in Iceland. The Editor.




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Guðmundsson, Ágúst. (2010). Land og synir: An Interview with Ágúst Guðmundsson. Scandinavian-Canadian Studies, 19, 42–54.