Recent Translations of the Medieval Icelandic Bishops' Sagas


  • Ryder C. Patzuk-Russell University of Iceland



Iceland, Medieval history, Icelandic Sagas, Medieval Christianity


This article reviews the two most recent English-language translations of medieval sagas of Icelandic bishops, both from 2021: Margaret Cormack's The Saga of St. Jón of Hólar, published with the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Theodore M. Andersson's Bishops in Early Iceland, published with the Viking Society for Northern Research. Both translations represent valuable new contributions to the field. In addition to a critical overview of these texts, the article overviews the history of English translations of the genre of medieval Icelandic bishops' sagas.

Author Biography

Ryder C. Patzuk-Russell, University of Iceland

Ryder C. Patzuk-Russell is a researcher at the Centre for Nordic and Old English Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice. His first monograph, The Development of Education in Medieval Iceland, was released in February 2021 by MIP and De Gruyter.


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