Volume 27 2020

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Editor’s Note editorial Thorson, Helga 11–12  PDF  HTML  XML
Note de la rédaction editorial Thorson, Helga 13–14  PDF  HTML  XML
Jarlmanns saga og Hermanns: An Introduction edition Lavender, Philip 16–49  PDF  HTML  XML
Jarlmanns saga og Hermanns: A Translation edition Lavender, Philip
Hall, Alaric
Harrop, Gary
Ragnheiðardóttir, Védís
Old Norse Reading Group organized through the University of Leeds
50–104  PDF  HTML  XML
The Liminality of Loki article Wolf, Allison 106–113  PDF  HTML  XML
Events below the Surface: A Reading of Henning Mankell’s The Troubled Man article Lingard, John 114–127  PDF  HTML  XML
Exploring Transcultural Community: Realistic Visions in Sami (Norwegian-Danish) and Ojibwe (Canadian) Novels article Egerer, Juliane 128–161  PDF  HTML  XML
Ármann Jakobsson. A Sense of Belonging: Morkinskinna and Icelandic Identity, c. 1220 review Johnson, Ryan E. 163–165  PDF  HTML  XML
Jón Karl Helgason. Echoes of Valhalla: The Afterlife of the Eddas and Sagas review Crocker, Christopher 165–168  PDF  HTML  XML
Anatoly Liberman. In Prayer and Laughter: Essays on Medieval Scandinavian and Germanic Mythology, Literature, and Culture review Crawford, Jackson 168–170  PDF  HTML  XML
Sif Ríkharðsdóttir. Medieval Translations and Cultural Discourse: The Movement of Texts in England, France and Scandinavia review Johnson, Ryan E. 171–173  PDF  HTML  XML
Siân Grønlie. The Saint and the Saga Hero: Hagiography and Early Icelandic Literature review White, Tiffany Nicole 173–175  PDF  HTML  XML
Jane Cartwright, ed. The Cult of St Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins review von Weissenberg, Marita 175–178  PDF  HTML  XML
Judy Quinn and Adele Cipolla, eds. 2016. Studies in the Transmission and Reception of Old Norse Literature: The Hyperborean Muse in European Culture. review Poole, Amy Marie 178–181  PDF  HTML  XML
Ian Giles, Laura Chapot, Christian Cooijmans, Ryan Foster, and Barbara Tesio, eds. Beyond Borealism: New Perspectives on the North review Poole, Amy Marie 181–183  PDF  HTML  XML
Carol Gold. Women in Business in Early Modern Copenhagen, 1740-1835 review Allen, Julie K. 183–185  PDF  HTML  XML
Hjálmar Jónsson. Selected Poems review Crocker, Christopher 185–187  PDF  HTML  XML
Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen. Directed by Erik Ulfsby. review Lingard, John 187–232  PDF  HTML  XML
Mads Bunch. Isak Dinesen Reading Søren Kierkegaard: On Christianity, Seduction, Gender, and Repetition review Allen, Julie K. 191–194  PDF  HTML  XML
Henning Howlid Wærp. Arktisk litteratur—fra Fridtjof Nansen til Anne B. Ragde review Urberg, Ingrid 194–196  PDF  HTML  XML
Heidi Hansson and Anka Ryall, eds. Arctic Modernities: The Environmental, the Exotic and the Everyday review Urberg, Ingrid 196–198  PDF  HTML  XML
Torsten Pettersson, ed. and trans. Skapa den sol som inte finns–hundra år av finsk lyrik i tolkning review Eilittä, Leena 199–203  PDF  HTML  XML
Jakob Stougaard-Nielsen. Scandinavian Crime Fiction review Lingard, John 203–205  PDF  HTML  XML