Volume 26 2019

Guest Editor/Rédacteur invité

Dustin Geeraert, University of Manitoba

Journal Editor/Rédactrice du journal

Helga Thorson, University of Victoria

Technical Editor

Martin Holmes, University of Victoria

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Dedication splash-page 13–13  PDF  HTML  XML
Acknowledgements and Permissions editorial Geeraert, Dustin 15–16  PDF  HTML  XML
Foreword: Companions on the Edge of Iceland article-themed McGillivray, Andrew 18–21  PDF  HTML  XML
Avant-propos : Compagnons à la lisière de l’Islande article-themed McGillivray, Andrew 22–25  PDF  HTML  XML
Introduction: Dialogues with a “Head of Destiny” article-themed Geeraert, Dustin 26–42  PDF  HTML  XML
From Manuscript(s) to Print: Editorial Practices through the Ages and the Case of Konráð Gíslason’s (Incomplete) Edition of Fóstbræðra saga article-themed Arthur, Susanne M. 44–68  PDF  HTML  XML
The Culture of the Grotesque in Old Icelandic literature: The Saga of the Sworn Brothers article-themed Kress, Helga 70–86  PDF  HTML  XML
Old Norse in Italy: From Francesco Saverio Quadrio to Fóstbræðra saga article-themed Ferrari, Fulvio 88–108  PDF  HTML  XML
Guardian of Memory: Halldór Laxness, Saga Editor article-themed Crocker, Christopher 110–131  PDF  HTML  XML
Is Halldór Laxness the Author of Fóstbræðra saga? On the Author Function, Intertextuality, Translation, and a Modern Writer’s Relationship with the Icelandic Sagas article-themed Eysteinsson, Ástráður 132–155  PDF  HTML  XML
Of Heroes and Cods’ Heads: Saga Meets Film in Gerpla article-themed Kristjánsdóttir, Bergljót Soffía 156–180  PDF  HTML  XML
A Modern-Day Saga in Fancy Dress: Contemporary Social Critique in Halldór Laxnessʼs Gerpla article-themed Andrésson, Kristinn E. 182–206  PDF  HTML  XML
Cold-War Confrontations: Gerpla and its Early Reviewers article-themed Hughes, Shaun F. D. 208–219  PDF  HTML  XML
“In the Shadow of Greater Events in the World:” The Northern Epic in the Wake of World War II article-themed Geeraert, Dustin 240–275  PDF  HTML  XML
Wayward Heroes: Vagabonds in World Literature article-themed Bjarnadóttir, Birna 276–302  PDF  HTML  XML
Afterword Whatever Happened to the Sagas? article-themed Jakobsson, Ármann 304–311  PDF  HTML  XML
From the Westfjords to World Literature: A Bibliography on Fostbræðra saga article-themed Johnson, Ryan E. 312–319  PDF  HTML  XML
“The lore of skalds, warrior ideals, and tales of ancient kings”: A Bibliography on Gerpla article-themed Shaw, Alec 320–325  PDF  HTML  XML