Volume 25 2018

Guest Editor/Rédactrice invitée

Marit Ann Barkve, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal Editor/Rédactrice du journal

Helga Thorson, University of Victoria

Technical Editor

Martin Holmes, University of Victoria

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Introduction: Migration, Exile, and Diaspora in the Nordic Region editorial Barkve, Marit Ann 9–10  PDF  HTML  XML
Introduction : migration, exil et diaspora dans la région nordique editorial Barkve, Marit Ann 11–12  PDF  HTML  XML
The Cosmopolitan Saint: Nephi Anderson’s Scandinavian-American Mormon Identity article Reed, Sarah C. 14–28  PDF  HTML  XML
Language Shift and Changes in Community Structure: A Case Study of Oulu, Wisconsin article Johnson, Mirva 30–49  PDF  HTML  XML
Missing Links: Politics and the Misrecognition of the Sweden Democrats article Teitelbaum, Benjamin R. 50–66  PDF  HTML  XML
The Figure of the ‘Climate Refugee’ in Inger Elisabeth Hansen’s Å resirkulere lengselen: avrenning foregår (2015) article Coughlin, Jenna 68–90  PDF  HTML  XML
“Writing Beyond the Ending” and Diasporic Narrativity in Loveleen Rihel Brennaʼs Min annerledeshet, min styrke article Barkve, Marit Ann 92–114  PDF  HTML  XML
Migrant Churches as Integration Vectors in Danish Society article Allen, Julie K. 116–134  PDF  HTML  XML
Race, Ethnicity, and Gang Violence: Exploring Multicultural Tensions in Contemporary Danish Cinema article Moffat, Kate 136–153  PDF  HTML  XML
Travelling Home: The Scandinavian Transnational Adoptee Identity on the Move article Ivenäs, Sabina 154–173  PDF  HTML  XML