Volume 22 2014-2015


Helga Thorson, University of Victoria

Book Review Editor/Rédactrice des comptes rendus

Natalie M. Van Deusen, University of Alberta

Title Type Author(s) Pages View
King Arthur and the Kennedy Assassination The Allure and Absence of Truth in the Icelandic Sagas article Jakobsson, Ármann 12–25  PDF  HTML  XML
Grund gulls [ground of gold]: The Trope of Woman as ‘Land’ in Skaldic Poetry from the Tenth to Fourteenth Centuries article Osborne, Emily 26–51  PDF  HTML  XML
What Imported Viking Age and Medieval Artifacts Can Tell Us about Trade and Exchange in Mývatn, Iceland article Laycock, Alan 52–65  PDF  HTML  XML
Creating New Fairytales: Statoil, Snøhvit, and Petroleum Exploration in the Arctic article Gjellstad, Melissa 66–77  PDF  HTML  XML
The Captivating Chill: Why Readers Desire Nordic Noir article-themed Bergman, Kerstin 80–89  PDF  HTML  XML
Cabins in Norwegian Crime Fiction: More Than a Cliché article-themed Urberg, Ingrid 90–105  PDF  HTML  XML
Till My Change Come: Nature, Justice, and Redemption in Åsa Larsson’s Until Thy Wrath Be Past article-themed Lingard, John 106–126  PDF  HTML  XML
An Interview with Arnaldur Indriðason, September 2014 article-themed Indriðason, Arnaldur 128–132  PDF  HTML  XML
An Interview with Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, early 2015 article-themed Sigurðardóttir, Yrsa 134–143  PDF  HTML  XML
Arthur A. Anderson. Stoft: Dust of Our Being review Brantly, Susan 145–149  PDF  HTML  XML
Kerstin Bergman. Swedish Crime Fiction: The Making of Nordic Noir review Lingard, John 149–151  PDF  HTML  XML
Kerstin Bergman. Deckarnas svenska landskap. Från Skåne till Lappland review Karlström, Lena 151–152  PDF  HTML  XML
Jackson Crawford, trans. The Poetic Edda: Stories of the Norse Gods and Heroes review Van Deusen, Natalie M. 153–155  PDF  HTML  XML
Hilmar Þór Hilmarson. Small States in a Global Economy: Crisis, Cooperation and Contributions review Enström, Rickard 155–156  PDF  HTML  XML
Viðar Hreinsson. Wakeful Nights: Stephan G. Stephansson: Icelandic-Canadian Poet review Van Deusen, Natalie M. 157–159  PDF  HTML  XML
Richard Jenkins. Being Danish: Paradoxes of Identity in Everyday Life review Wallen, Anne B. 159–161  PDF  HTML  XML
Steven Peacock. Swedish Crime Fiction: Novel, Film, Television review Lingard, John 161–164  PDF  HTML  XML
Ellen Rees. Cabins in Modern Norwegian Literature: Negotiating Place and Identity review Barkve, Marit Ann 165–167  PDF  HTML  XML
Angus A. Somerville and Andrew R. MacDonald. The Vikings and Their Age review Van Deusen, Natalie M. 167–170  PDF  HTML  XML