Volume 19 2010


John Tucker, University of Victoria

Book Review Editor/Rédactrice des comptes rendus

Helga Thorson, University of Victoria

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Introduction editorial Tucker, John 11–11  PDF  HTML  XML
Adapting a Literary Nation to Film: National Identity, Neoromanticism and the Anxiety of Influence article Norðfjörð, Björn Ægir 12–40  PDF  HTML  XML
Land og synir: An Interview with Ágúst Guðmundsson article Guðmundsson, Ágúst 42–54  PDF  HTML  XML
Op med hodet: Tancred Ibsen’s 1933 Experiment in Cinematic Modernism article Lunde, Arne 56–71  PDF  HTML  XML
Liv Ullmann’s Handling of Religious Themes in Her Adaptation of Sigrid Undset’s The Wreath article Christensen, Peter G. 72–86  PDF  HTML  XML
Norwave: Norwegian Cinema 1997-2006 article Rees, Ellen 88–110  PDF  HTML  XML
“We had to be careful.” The Self-imposed Regulations, Alterations and Censorship Strategies of Nordisk Films Kompagni 1911-1928 article Thorsen, Isak 112–126  PDF  HTML  XML
From Working Class Drama to Academic Showdown: On Carl Th. Dreyer’s Use of His Literary Source in Två Människor [Two People] (1945) article Egholm, Morten 128–143  PDF  HTML  XML
Behind Idealism: The Discrepancy between Philosophy and Reality in The Cinema of Lars von Trier article Bunch, Mads 144–163  PDF  HTML  XML
Modes of Representation in Ingmar Bergman’s Gycklarnas afton article Blackwell, Marilyn Johns 164–184  PDF  HTML  XML
Doubling and Redoubling Bergman: Notes on the Dialectic of Disgrace and Disappearance article Coates, Paul 186–199  PDF  HTML  XML
Roy Andersson’s Cinematic Poetry and the Spectre of César Vallejo article Lindqvist, Ursula 200–229  PDF  HTML  XML
Readymades, Rejects and the Ready-to-Hand: Found Objects in the Films of Aki Kaurismäki article Smith, Lawrence D. 230–260  PDF  HTML  XML
Imaginaries of a Global Finland—Patterns of Globalization in Finnish National Cinema article Kääpä, Pietari 262–283  PDF  HTML  XML