Volume 18 2007-2009


John Tucker, University of Victoria

Book Review Editor/Rédactrice des comptes rendus

Helga Thorson, University of Victoria

Title Type Author(s) Pages View
Snorri’s Trollwives article Sayers, William 12–22  PDF  HTML  XML
“Dressed up in the body of an old woman”: Gothic Conventions in Ingemann, Andersen, Blixen and Høeg article Kastbjerg, Kirstine 24–42  PDF  HTML  XML
Ibsen’s Evangelical Detective: Evidence and Proof in The Wild Duck article Durbach, Errol 44–54  PDF  HTML  XML
Colours, Colour Symbolism, and Social Critique in Halldór Laxness’s Salka Valka article Van Deusen, Natalie M. 56–70  PDF  HTML  XML
Faces as Facts of Fiction article Houe, Poul 72–84  PDF  HTML  XML
Modernism in the Post-war Icelandic Novel up to 1990 article Ólason, Vésteinn 86–104  PDF  HTML  XML
Clive Archer, ed. New Security Issues in Northern Europe: The Nordic and Baltic States and the ESDP review Jasinski, Michael 105–107  PDF  HTML  XML
Birna Bjarnadóttir and Finnbogi Guðmundsson, eds. My Parents: Memoirs of New World Icelanders review Holm, Bill 108–110  PDF  HTML  XML
Thomas A. DuBois, ed. Sanctity in the North: Saints, Lives, and Cults in Medieval Scandinavia review Van Deusen, Natalie M. 110–114  PDF  HTML  XML
Kjersti Ericsson and Eva Simonsen, eds. Children of World War II: The Hidden Enemy Legacy review Zagar, Monika 114–117  PDF  HTML  XML
Christopher Hale, ed. Aksel Sandemose and Canada: a Scandinavian Writer's Perception of the Canadian Prairies in the 1920s review Valgardson, W. D. 117–120  PDF  HTML  XML
Michael Jones and Kenneth R. Olwig, eds. Nordic Landscapes: Region and Belonging on the Northern Edge of Europe review Frackman, Kyle E. 120–123  PDF  HTML  XML
Matti Klinge. Ancient Powers of the Baltic Sea, An Illustrated Historical Outline review Urban, William 123–124  PDF  HTML  XML
Daisy Neijmann, ed. A History of Icelandic Literature review Helgason, Jón Karl 124–128  PDF  HTML  XML
Gísli Sigurðsson and Vésteinn Ólason, eds. The Manuscripts of Iceland review Baer, P.A. 128–131  PDF  HTML  XML
Ryan Wahl. Legacy in Wood: The Wahl Family Boat Builders review Olson, Linda 132–136  PDF  HTML  XML