Volume 15 2004-2005


John Tucker, University of Victoria

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A New Ontology for the Female Subject: The Rise of the Flat Character in Stories by Solvej Balle and Kirsten Thorup article Bowering, Thea 8–21  PDF  HTML  XML
The Unstable Kierkegaardian Framework of Henrik Stangerup’s Novel Trilogy article Christensen, Peter 22–44  PDF  HTML  XML
Foreign Camp Ground: On Translation of Camp and Postcolonial Allusions article Jääskeläinen, Michael 46–60  PDF  HTML  XML
Ukrainian Swedes in Canada: Gammalsvenskby in the Swedish-Canadian Press 1929-1931 article Rudling, Per Anders 62–91  PDF  HTML  XML
“Orð eftir orð,” “orð eftir orði”: the Progress of the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose review-article Poole, Russell 92–118  PDF  HTML  XML
A Milestone in Brøgger Scholarship: Marina Allemano’s “Introduction” to Suzanne Brøgger’s Symbolic and Philosophical Universe review-article Woods, Gurli 120–129  PDF  HTML  XML
Vilhelm Moberg. A History of the Swedish People. Volume One: From Prehistory to the Renaissance / A History of the Swedish People. Volume Two: From Renaissance to Revolution. review Rudling, Per Anders 131–133  PDF  HTML  XML