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Trees as a Central Theme in Norse Mythology and Culture: An Archaeological PerspectivearticleGilmore, Amanda23 (2016) 16-26  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Nordic Border Crossings: Coastal Communities and Connected Cultures in Eighteenth-Century Norway, Scotland, and CanadaarticleReeploeg, Silke23 (2016) 28-47  PDF   XHTML   XML 
The Flight of the Danish Jews in 1943 – “Rescue” or “Escape”?article-themedDeLong, Robert23 (2016) 50-76  PDF   XHTML   XML 
“Tell Ye Your Children…”: The Twisted Swedish Road to Holocaust Recognitionarticle-themedKarlsson, Klas-Göran23 (2016) 78-94  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Soldiers and Other Monsters: the Allied Occupation in Icelandic Fictionarticle-themedNeijmann, Daisy L.23 (2016) 96-120  PDF   XHTML   XML 
From Silence to Historical Consciousness: The Holocaust and WWII in Finnish History Politicsarticle-themedHolmila, Antero
Tilli, Jouni
23 (2016) 122-145  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Henrik Ibsen’s PEER GYNT in a new versioneditionDurbach, Errol23 (2016) 146-267  PDF   XHTML   XML 
King Arthur and the Kennedy Assassination The Allure and Absence of Truth in the Icelandic SagasarticleJakobsson, Ármann22 (2015) 12-25  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Grund gulls [ground of gold]: The Trope of Woman as Land in Skaldic Poetry from the Tenth to Fourteenth CenturiesarticleOsborne, Emily22 (2015) 26-51  PDF   XHTML   XML 
What Imported Viking Age and Medieval Artifacts Can Tell Us about Trade and Exchange in Mývatn, IcelandarticleLaycock, Alan22 (2015) 52-65  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Creating New Fairytales: Statoil, Snøhvit, and Petroleum Exploration in the ArcticarticleGjellstad, Melissa22 (2015) 66-77  PDF   XHTML   XML 
The Captivating Chill: Why Readers Desire Nordic Noirarticle-themedBergman, Kerstin22 (2014) 80-89  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Cabins in Norwegian Crime Fiction: More Than a Clichéarticle-themedUrberg, Ingrid22 (2015) 90-105  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Till My Change Come: Nature, Justice, and Redemption in Åsa Larsson’s Until Thy Wrath Be Pastarticle-themedLingard, John22 (2015) 106-126  PDF   XHTML   XML 
An Interview with Arnaldur Indriðason, September 2014article-themedIndriðason, Arnaldur22 (2015) 128-132  PDF   XHTML   XML 
An Interview with Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, early 2015article-themedSigurðardóttir, Yrsa22 (2015) 134-143  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Returning Fathers. Sagas, Novels, and the UncannyarticleTulinius, Torfi H.21 (2013) 18-39  PDF   XHTML   XML 
De l’actrice fictionnelle à l’acteur réel : La femme de théâtre dans la Suède du XIXème sièclearticleLindberg, Ylva21 (2013) 40-56  PDF   XHTML   XML 
L’expérience de Persona et la création du concept d’image-affection par Gilles DeleuzearticleBolduc, Charles21 (2013) 58-78  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Sigrgarðs saga frækna: A normalised text, translation, and introductioneditionHall, Alaric
Richardson, Steven D. P.
Þorgeirsson, Haukur
21 (2013) 80-155  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Knut Hamsun: A Review of Peter Sjøyst-Jackson's 2010 Study through the Lens of Recent Hamsun Scholarshipreview-articleRees, Ellen21 (2013) 156-162  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Scandinavian Crime Fiction: a review of recent, John21 (2013) 164-189  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Grettir and Bjartur: Realism and the supernatural in medieval and modern Icelandic literaturearticleTulinius, Torfi H.20 (2011) 14-25  PDF   XHTML   XML 
“An entirely different culture and an alien race:” Scandinavian Ukrainian encounters on the Canadian Prairies 1910-1940articleRudling, Per Anders20 (2011) 26-51  PDF   XHTML   XML 
A Poet’s Great Return: Jónas Hallgrímsson’s reburial and Milan Kundera’s IgnorancearticleHelgason, Jón Karl20 (2011) 52-61  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Bergman's Dreams: Some notesarticleCoates, Paul20 (2011) 62-71  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Analyse métahistoriographique du cas du norvégienarticleIglésias, Narcís20 (2011) 72-90  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Teaching Identity through Ethnic Jokes: Shifting cultural touchstones in the classroomarticleLange, Michael20 (2011) 92-100  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Adapting a Literary Nation to Film: National Identity, Neoromanticism and the Anxiety of InfluencearticleNorðfjörð, Björn Ægir19 (2010) 12-40  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Land og synir: An Interview with Ágúst GuðmundssonarticleGuðmundsson, Ágúst19 (2010) 42-54  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Op med hodet: Tancred Ibsen’s 1933 Experiment in Cinematic ModernismarticleLunde, Arne19 (2010) 56-71  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Liv Ullmann’s Handling of Religious Themes in Her Adaptation of Sigrid Undset’s The WreatharticleChristensen, Peter G.19 (2010) 72-86  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Norwave: Norwegian Cinema 1997-2006articleRees, Ellen19 (2010) 88-110  PDF   XHTML   XML 
“We had to be careful.” The Self-imposed Regulations, Alterations and Censorship Strategies of Nordisk Films Kompagni 1911-1928articleThorsen, Isak19 (2010) 112-126  PDF   XHTML   XML 
From Working Class Drama to Academic Showdown: On Carl Th. Dreyer’s Use of His Literary Source in Två Människor [Two People] (1945)articleEgholm, Morten19 (2010) 128-143  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Behind Idealism: The Discrepancy between Philosophy and Reality in The Cinema of Lars von TrierarticleBunch, Mads19 (2010) 144-163  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Modes of Representation in Ingmar Bergman’s Gycklarnas aftonarticleBlackwell, Marilyn Johns19 (2010) 164-184  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Doubling and Redoubling Bergman: Notes on the Dialectic of Disgrace and DisappearancearticleCoates, Paul19 (2010) 186-199  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Roy Andersson’s Cinematic Poetry and the Spectre of César VallejoarticleLindqvist, Ursula19 (2010) 200-229  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Readymades, Rejects and the Ready-to-Hand: Found Objects in the Films of Aki KaurismäkiarticleSmith, Lawrence D.19 (2010) 230-260  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Imaginaries of a Global Finland—Patterns of Globalization in Finnish National CinemaarticleKääpä, Pietari19 (2010) 262-283  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Snorri’s TrollwivesarticleSayers, William18 (2009) 12-22  PDF   XHTML   XML 
“Dressed up in the body of an old woman”: Gothic Conventions in Ingemann, Andersen, Blixen and HøegarticleKastbjerg, Kirstine18 (2009) 24-42  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Ibsen’s Evangelical Detective: Evidence and Proof in The Wild DuckarticleDurbach, Errol18 (2009) 44-54  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Colours, Colour Symbolism, and Social Critique in Halldór Laxness’s Salka ValkaarticleVan Deusen, Natalie M.18 (2009) 56-70  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Faces as Facts of FictionarticleHoue, Poul18 (2009) 72-84  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Modernism in the Post-war Icelandic Novel up to 1990articleÓlason, Vésteinn18 (2009) 86-104  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Saint-Making in Early IcelandarticleMcCreesh, Bernadine17 (2007) 12-23  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Vikings in the Nor’ Wast: The Roots of Orkney’s Identity in Norway and CanadaarticleLange, Michael A.17 (2007) 24-35  PDF   XHTML   XML 
The Mystery of Vínarterta: In Search of an Icelandic Ethnic IdentityarticleHelgason, Jón Karl17 (2007) 36-52  PDF   XHTML   XML 
‘Girl Interrupting’: History and Art as Clairvoyance in the Fiction of Vigdís GrímsdóttirarticleNeijmann, Daisy L.17 (2007) 54-68  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Erhard J. Alm, Inventor and EntrepreneurarticleRoinila, Mika17 (2007) 70-75  PDF   XHTML   XML 
An Exploration of Teachers’ Pedagogy and Perceptions of Their Culturally Diverse Learners in Manitoba (Canada), Norway, and IcelandarticleAðalsteinsdóttir, Kristín
Engilbertsson, Guðmundur
Gunnbjörnsdóttir, Ragnheiður
17 (2007) 76-103  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Kurt Wallander’s Journey into Autumn: A Reading of Henning Mankell’s The Fifth WomanarticleLingard, John17 (2007) 104-115  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Archaeology in Iceland: Recent DevelopmentsarticleMcGuire, Erin-Lee Halstad16 (2006) 10-26  PDF   XHTML   XML 
The Proverbial Heart of Hrafnkels saga Freysgoða: Mér þykkir þar heimskum manni at duga, sem þú ert.articleHarris, Richard L.16 (2006) 28-54  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Knut Hamsun as a Travel Writer: In WonderlandarticleWærp, Henning Howlid16 (2006) 56-64  PDF   XHTML   XML 
‘A Paper for the Scandinavians in Edmonton’: The Norwegian Immigrant Experience in Alberta as Recorded in the Norwegian-Language Paper VikingenarticleRudling, Per Anders16 (2006) 66-87  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Postcolonial Ibsen: Judith Thompson’s Hedda Gabler (1991)articleFarfan, Penny16 (2006) 88-99  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Hotel Pro Forma: Nomadic Theatre Without Borders?articleOstrauskaite, Milda16 (2006) 100-113  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Dysfunction and Its Effect in Literary TranslationarticlePaddon, Seija16 (2006) 114-124  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Urban Youth Language in Multicultural SwedenarticleGodin, Marie-Noëlle16 (2006) 126-141  PDF   XHTML   XML 
A New Ontology for the Female Subject: The Rise of the Flat Character in Stories by Solvej Balle and Kirsten ThoruparticleBowering, Thea15 (2005) 8-21  PDF   XHTML   XML 
The Unstable Kierkegaardian Framework of Henrik Stangerup’s Novel TrilogyarticleChristensen, Peter15 (2005) 22-44  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Foreign Camp Ground: On Translation of Camp and Postcolonial AllusionsarticleJääskeläinen, Michael15 (2005) 46-60  PDF   XHTML   XML 
Ukrainian Swedes in Canada: Gammalsvenskby in the Swedish-Canadian Press 1929-1931articleRudling, Per Anders15 (2005) 62-91  PDF   XHTML   XML 
“Orð eftir orð,” “orð eftir orði”: the Progress of the Dictionary of Old Norse Prosereview-articlePoole, Russell15 (2005) 92-118  PDF   XHTML   XML 
A Milestone in Brøgger Scholarship: Marina Allemano’s “Introduction” to Suzanne Brøgger’s Symbolic and Philosophical Universereview-articleWoods, Gurli15 (2005) 120-129  PDF   XHTML   XML